Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Ever felt as if your heading in totally the wrong direction?

Well, have a chuckle at the following charming little anecdote and whatever you do do not read Paulo Cohelo and categorically do not watch The Secret...

In 2008, Syrian lorry driver Necdet Bakimci found himself stranded on a nature reserve in Gibraltar Point, Lincolnshire. He was 1,600 miles from his intended destination: Gibraltar, on the southern tip of Spain. Confusingly, his sat-nav system listed Gibraltar as being in the UK (because it's a colonial outpost). Confronted with a choice of two Gibraltars, both seemingly in the British Isles, Bakimci and his cargo of luxury cars took a 3,200 mile detour.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

'Everything You Could Wish an Artist to be'

You know how it is: Sometimes, its tough to accept what the critics say.

You pour your heart and soul into creating an aural master-piece and they accuse you of singing out of key or not being The Strokes or worse still; totally over-look your awesome visionary force and dismiss it with faint praise.

And then one day you spend 5 minutes ripping off Teddy Bears Picnic and suddenly your the darling of the indie press. So I say, pay no attention!

Hang on, whats that?



Everything you wish an artist could be?

Actually, listen to Blue Walrus, http://www.thebluewalrus.com/, these guys know what they are talking about...